The Geometry is God collection is driven by a fascination with Pagan and Alchemical symbolism and ancient geometries. With this series, we have attempted to reinterpret these markings without losing the potency of their primary language. The goal is to make furniture that is symbolically dense, and as a result the collection could be described as functional sculpture. 



The Material Lust ANNEX is an experimental, artist-run space that redefines the concept of a Total Work of Art. The ANNEX serves as host to an evolving series of installations that represent fully realized environments, from sound to scent. Located on the Lower East Side, the burgeoning heart of New York’s art world, it’s a space that transcends gallery or showroom. Simultaneously immersive and enigmatic, primitive and progressive, alluring and abstract, it’s a radical venue for outsider art. Here, we draw inspiration from dreams, deviance, and the work of our Surrealist heroes to create design that’s challenging, confrontational, and provocative. Though we welcome the opportunity to work alongside our peers, our philosophy is purely Solitarian. We are split from the system and severed from the machine. We seek to appropriate what’s banal and bourgeois, salvaging from the old something that remains unspoiled—and, from darkness, forging a sensitivity, an awareness, and a respect for what’s often misunderstood.



Separating from the angularity that defined much of their early work, Material Lust's upholstered Peak collection marries traditional production methods with rounded, Surrealist shapes. Comprised of an oxblood sofa and bone-colored chair, these highly tailored pieces are both atypical and exceedingly adaptable, designed to envelop the body in forms at once soft and substantial, feminine and forceful. Derma was created in collaboration with artists To Dødsfall, whose hand-woven textiles take shape on floor looms in Brooklyn. By combining simple technique with a synthesis of locally sourced and found materials (including rope, recycled punk t-shirts, calf leather, and core-spun alpaca), the series subs the order normally found in woven structure for meandering lines, malformed textures, and a sea of multitudinous blacks.